I’ve recently been keeping close tabs on my expenses, and one rather shocking outcome has been just how much money I’ve been spending on food for the family – In all honesty, it’s been a real wake-up call, and so I’ve been making this October half-term a bit of a personal challenge to get back […]

Within my circle of friends and family, I’m quite well known for being able to save some money when making purchases, and finding a bargain or two, so here are a few of my tips… I hope it may save you a few bob too! I’ve been using an app called “Money Lover” which is […]

Back in June, a group of us went to Manchester to do the Crystal Maze experience at the Old Granada Studios – and it was pretty epic! I thought I’d write a review of our day and give some tips because the ticket prices have been drastically reduced now that they’ve decided it’s staying open for […]

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love entering competitions! I’ve been pretty successful over the years too, but I’ll save my bragging about prizes won for another blog post one day… My latest favourite one to enter is the Lincs Lotto because it also helps support local causes to where I live. We support […]

Do you like my new watch? Isn’t it lovely! It’s actually a wooden watch… both a wooden strap and watch face. It’s not often that I’ve seen wooden watches for sale – and it’s made a great talking point since I’ve been wearing mine… The ‘Geese’ watch (c) MAM Originals It’s made from Sandlewood, so […]

We’ve really enjoyed watching old episodes of Mr Bean on our Amazon firestick, recently.  It’s such great family entertainment! It’s great to have things that make us all laugh out loud! I can remember watching it when I was a kid, and I love the fact that Henry can watch it nearly 30 years later, […]

Garden Wildlife Camera captures bird posing for picture

So, I recently bought a wildlife camera, and have been really enjoying seeing what it captures in our back garden. I’ve been putting the odd picture on my Facebook page, where quite a few of my friends have paid an interest in it, so I thought I’d write a quick blog about it because you might […]