Hull – A mini staycation!

I go into Hull 4 times a week for work, yet, I hardly ever go in for leisure purposes. This Easter I was lucky enough to win an overnight stay in a new serviced apartment in Hull’s Fruit Market area – which gave me the perfect chance to take Henry into town and visit some of the places I’ve always intended to take him to! A staycation, if you will… as always, I tried to keep expenses to a minimum, and I think I did a pretty good job of that!

Firstly we checked into the apartment – it was wonderful! Lots of attention to detail, great decor and uber comfy double beds! These apartments are available to rent out from We Love HU and would be wonderful for people visiting the new Hull Venue (which opens soon) or Hull New Theatre, and who want to enjoy the local bars and restaurants, for example. We had a two bed apartment – and very nice it was too! Secure parking is included as well, so even that saved me some money! It’s definitely highly recommended from us if ever you want to stay in Hull and they charge reasonable prices – especially if you compare it against local hotels like the Holiday Inn at the Marina or the Hilton, who often charge around £140 a night. They left us some white chocolate from local chocolatier Cocoa and a bottle of fizz in the fridge too – such a lovely touch!

Henry and I went to the Museum Quarter and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Streetlife Museum was the highlight for us – Henry really enjoyed walking through the 1940’s style high street, with a quick jump on a train and a tram! It was really interesting to see the collection of carriages and bikes and all the links to the local area. Certainly a place I’d recommend a visit to whether you’re by yourself or looking for somewhere to take the kids! All the museums in Hull have free entry so we managed to fill out a fair few hours visiting the Wilberforce Museum, The Hull & East Riding Museum and the Streetlife without spending a penny.

We then went onto St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre and sampled the delights from the new Frizza Cafe Gelato parlour. We had the ice cream rolls and watched them make it in front of us using frozen pans. They’ve been popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines etc for years, but this is the first time I’ve come across them in the UK. It was great fun to watch! It took the server about 3 mins to make. They pour a cup of cream onto an extremely cold metal circle that looks like a big pizza pan and add whichever ingredients you choose. Henry went for Oreo & Maltesers and I went for Strawberry. As the elements freeze, it’s manipulated with spatulas, and then spread out – Then they push the spatula across it and turn it into rolls which are then placed into a cup. Delicious! At £3 a pop I didn’t think it was bad value for money and it’s a large portion!

Darren came to join us after work and we went to eat at the new Zizzi restaurant in St. Stephens. We chose that place because they are on the Tastecard – which a great way to save money when eating out. It’s a 2 for 1 offering on food – but make sure you read the terms before you go because some venue’s don’t allow you to use the discount on a Saturday, for example. We spent £32 for the three of us to eat 2 courses each and have drinks – not bad value at all! Of course, if I had wanted to save even more money, I could have cooked back at the apartment because it had a lovely kitchen with all the appliances I would have needed…

The following day, Henry and I had a wander around town before we went to the cinema. We chose the Odeon partly because the tickets there are only £4.75 each. We watched Ready Player One which was much better than I was expecting! I normally fall asleep at the movies, so when I manage to stay awake then that’s high praise indeed! Another great Steven Spielberg film with lots of references to his other films to spot throughout!

We had a wonderful couple of days visiting a city I know well, but seeing it through different eyes. I managed to spend less than £50 too, which I was very pleased with! Hull has a lot to offer these days and there is still a whole load of places we could have visited if we’d had more time.

Anna x


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