Easter Sunday = Online Bargains!

If you’re looking to make a big-ish purchase sometime in the near future – my advice is to hold off for a few days – until Easter Sunday! Due to the UK trading laws, large stores aren’t allowed to trade on Easter Sunday, but they ARE allowed to trade online… so they tend to send out discounts, special offers and codes so that they don’t lose out on a day’s takings.

“Rules for large shops in England and Wales.

Shops over 280 square metres:

  • can open on Sundays but only for 6 consecutive hours between 10am and 6pm
  • must close on Easter Sunday
  • must close on Christmas Day”

My advice is to do all the research you need to on the lead up to Easter Sunday; decide what you want to buy, sign up for mailing lists for the online shops which sell the item/s you’re interested in and then wait for the discounts to come calling!

If you’re super, super, savvy check out Zeek for extra discounts too – I previously wrote a blog about this app which explains it all in more detail. If you use the code 2P64B9 you’ll get an extra £5 off, and I’ll get a discount on my next purchase too. There are loads of shops on Zeek so you may find this a great way to double up on your discount, whether you’re buying electronics, household items or stuff for the garden etc. Make sure any gift cards you buy via Zeek are online codes though… the point of this is so you can combine special Easter discounts and pay with your discounted gift card on Easter Sunday to double up on your savings.

I can remember a few years ago we needed to buy a new mattress – We’d been over to the local retail park and had decided which one we wanted to buy, but we had seen it in a couple of stores and I hadn’t yet worked out which one offered the best value for money when we factored in delivery costs etc. We went home and realised that the stores would be closed the following day, due to it being Easter. In the morning I went online to finish my research and soon realised that both stores were offering a one day 20% discount for Easter. When I also was able to use a discount code I already had, we managed to save around £200 and got free delivery! No small change, eh??!!

Let me know if you bag any amazing bargains!

Anna x



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