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Chili Cinema has finally arrived in the UK! It’s an Italian company which launched in the UK in Aug ’17. It offers a new concept, which allows you to rent a movie at a reasonable price via credits, rather than subscription. There are tens of thousands of films and TV shows available to rent – you simply download the app and watch it on whichever device you want. What I really like about it is that there are many films on there which have only recently ended at the cinema, and you’re not committing yourself to more than one purchase at a time. There are no hidden costs, no monthly fees nor activation costs – Literally a pay and play system.

We are lucky that our local cinema is relatively cheap in comparison to the rest of the country, but even so, 3 tickets and snacks can easily set us back £20-£25 at a time. By using this new service, we can settle down in front of the TV at home with snacks and blankets on our laps, and it would cost us only a fraction of the price we’d have spent at the flicks. A great example to give is Dunkirk – you know, the recent Tom Hardy and Harry Styles blockbuster, is only £3.49 to rent.


Chili Cinema


You can buy Chili Cinema credits and gift them too, so it’s a great way to introduce someone else to the service or even a cheap way to cheer up a friend who’s off work with a bug etc.

Right then – I’m off to watch the Emoji Movie with Henry – so you’ll have to excuse me… but if you’d like a free code to try out the service yourself, I’ve got 10 to give away to the first 10 people who comment on my blog!

Website: Chili Cinema 

FB: ChiliCinemaUK

Twitter: @ChiliCinemaUK

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  1. This sounds good as we never seem to fit in all the films we want to see before they leave the cinemas. Would love a code if you still have one. x


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