Are you fed up of wrapping up your Christmas presents yet? I know I am… but, did you know that in many shopping centres up and down the country – you can take your gifts to the customer service desk and let them do all the hard work for you!

My local shopping centre does it for a donation to charity – I simply leave the items there for a short while and when I return they’ve all been nicely wrapped with a tag on so I can write who they are for! Simple!


I just wish I’d remembered this little nugget of information earlier on – I could have saved myself loads of time!

Of course, the idea is that you take things that you’ve bought in their shopping centre to be wrapped – however, if you’re making a donation to charity I’m sure they’d still be happy to wrap things bought elsewhere. Last year I took 18 things to be wrapped – I dropped them off in the morning, went to work, and then collected them on my way home making my charitable donation. They made a really good job of them too!

Anna x


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