Cash Point(s)

Within my circle of friends and family, I’m quite well known for being able to save some money when making purchases, and finding a bargain or two, so here are a few of my tips… I hope it may save you a few bob too!

I’ve been using an app called “Money Lover” which is basically a way of keeping tabs on your expenses. I’ve knowingly overspent in the past few months, due to special occasions which deserved a bit of extra money throwing at them, but now it’s time to claw it all back and get back on track with my finances! It’s a free app which allows you to put in how much you’ve spent (and where) so that you can assess what you’re really spending on and therefore what wasn’t actually necessary and where you can cut back. *Note to self – park in the other car park, it saves you £1 a day*.

(c) Money Lover app

Do you really need it? This is an obvious, but mandatory, question to ask yourself – Are you actually just buying it because it’s in the sale, or it’s an impulse buy? Take a few seconds to really think about it before you take it to the till. Certainly, if it’s an expensive purchase, take even longer to think about it. Once you’ve left the shop, often the urge dissipates! If after a day or so you’re still thinking about it, then reconsider, and have a look around to see if you can find it on offer.
Do you really need it now? Very often you can find the exact same item online a lot cheaper. If you’re prepared to wait a day or two for delivery, or can click and collect, you can really save some big money. If you haven’t already seen it, check out a previous blog post I wrote about Zeek which is where you can buy gift cards at a discount and save even more. Who doesn’t love a double discount!

I have loads of money-saving tips for household bills, which I’ll pop onto another blog one day, but in the meantime check out the Home Energy Check website which can help you to find out how you can get lower energy bills.

We also have a loose change bottle at home, which we collectively put our coins in at the end of the day. It saves us carrying shrapnel around with us, but actually, it starts to add up! Whenever the bottle is getting full, I’ll tip it all out and pay it straight in at the bank – our local branch has a coin sorter so I don’t even need to spend the time counting it or putting them into bags.

That’ll do for now, but I’ll write up some more money saving tips for you soon. Let me know if you save yourself some money! I’ll always be interested to know what bargains you got!

Anna x





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