Wooden watches from MAM Originals

Do you like my new watch? Isn’t it lovely! It’s actually a wooden watch… both a wooden strap and watch face. It’s not often that I’ve seen wooden watches for sale – and it’s made a great talking point since I’ve been wearing mine…

The ‘Geese’ watch (c) MAM Originals

It’s made from Sandlewood, so it’s a deep reddish brown colour. The time is very easy to read thanks to the white watch face and the metal pointers. It comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime care service from MAM Originals too, and that’s often something I look for when I’m buying online. It arrived in a very nice gift box too, so my first impressions really were great. It’s really lightweight too – It would be very easy to forget you’re wearing it! I know many of my friends and family who would be thrilled with a watch like this. I think it’s a design that won’t easily go out of fashion, and one which I’d suggest is suitable to dress up or to use every day.

If you’d like to check out the watches MAM Originals sell, check out their Amazon listings for the very best prices.


I am such a lucky girl! I had the opportunity to purchase this wooden watch at a discount in order to review it, and I am so happy to do so because I am genuinely thrilled with it!

Anna x

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