Bring back Mr. Bean!

We’ve really enjoyed watching old episodes of Mr Bean on our Amazon firestick, recently.  It’s such great family entertainment! It’s great to have things that make us all laugh out loud! I can remember watching it when I was a kid, and I love the fact that Henry can watch it nearly 30 years later, and still find it as funny as I did then.

It would be absolutely brilliant if they brought it back for a new series. I really enjoyed the special they did for the Olympics opening ceremony a few years ago – just goes to show that it would be perfectly possible to do a whole series.


Mr Bean (c) Universal/Everett /Rex Features


One of my favourite episodes is the one where Mr Bean drives his car sitting on the top following a pretty epic shopping trip! You can watch it on YouTube here:

Anyone else enjoy it as much as us? Perhaps we should begin a petition…

Anna x

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