Garden Wildlife Camera

So, I recently bought a wildlife camera, and have been really enjoying seeing what it captures in our back garden. I’ve been putting the odd picture on my Facebook page, where quite a few of my friends have paid an interest in it, so I thought I’d write a quick blog about it because you might find it interesting too! My son, Henry (8 nearly 9), finds it fascinating because it captures both stills and short video clips, like this one: 


I bought ours on Amazon for just under £70 but there are plenty of similar products on the market. Initially, I had been hoping to capture some footage of Hedgehogs because we’ve had them in the garden previously, and whilst they’ve not made an appearance on camera so far, it has captured all sorts of birds, cats, squirrels and people!!

Garden Wildlife Camera captures bird posing for picture
I’m sure this bird is posing for the camera!
A night vision picture of our cat, Ernie, face to face with a mouse.
A night vision picture of our cat, Ernie, face to face with a mouse.

If we walk past it, or if my husband mows the lawn, it will take picture or videos of that too! We’ve had some quite funny shots of Henry and his friends playing football etc, and even caught a delivery man having a good old look in our shed!

It produces some lovely photos and video footage, day or night.  I have been quite impressed with the night vision. Once you’ve set up the date and time, it is printed along the very bottom of the shot. The unit holds 8x AA batteries underneath the cover, and since it works on a motion sensor, the batteries aren’t really being used until they’re needed, so you don’t have to be concerned with always replacing them…

Apeman Wildlife Camera on Amazon


The case on ours is really durable and has two catches on the side to secure it shut. If you wanted to, you could attach it to a tripod or strap it to a tree if you wanted a higher view. Maybe you have bird boxes and could put the camera closeby?

You’ll need to buy yourself a memory card as none of the ones I’ve seen for sale come with one – mine is a 32gb which works fine and lasts us for weeks and weeks.

If you get one, please feel free to post comments below with your pictures/video/stories. I’d love to see…

Anna x

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