Bargains and Double Discounts

Those of you who know me, know that I always try to avoid paying full price for anything! Unless I need it instantly, I tend to research online and find the place selling the item I’m after at the cheapest price – and then see if I can get some cash-back, or use vouchers I’ve collected to help pay for it. If you’re a bit like me, you might be interested to know that I’ve recently come across a great company called Zeek. This is an online shop where you can buy discounted gift vouchers for high street shops or online stores. If you sign up using my link or use the code 2P64B9 you’ll get a further £3 discount too – and I’ll get money off my next purchase as well!


The discounts tend to be up to about 15%, but if you’re planning on hitting the January sales this year, these vouchers will help you to make even bigger savings. I can give you some good examples:

I bought a £50 Debenhams voucher via Zeek which gave me an 8% discount, bringing it down to £46. With the £5 I got off for opening my account, it brought it down to £41. I needed a new coat for my friends’ wedding – and found a lovely Wallis coat which had been £65. In the Black Friday sale, it went down to £50. I used my £50 voucher and smiled to myself that I had bought the coat I wanted for the bargain price of £41! Of course, had I bought it just a couple of days earlier, I would have needed to have paid the full £65. A great saving of £24 there for something I needed to buy!

A colleague of mine knew that she had a few occasions whereby she would be dining with various friends at the restaurant  “Ask Italian” on the lead up to Christmas. She bought herself an online voucher which would have ordinarily cost £100. She got an 8% discount on it, which brought it down to £92 and then got a further £5 off by using my recommend a friend code, which brought it down to £87. Bargain – right! Because she knew she was going there anyway – it made perfect sense to purchase the gift card in advance. Many restaurants don’t use other discounts and special offers during December, so this is a great way to beat that rule! Of course, if you were dining out during other times of the year, they’d be absolutely nothing stopping you combining their special offers and paying with your discounted gift card! Double win!

With Christmas literally just around the corner, you may find that Zeek can help you out! They have a website, and an app, from which you can purchase physical or ecards. If you’ve got someone to buy for and are running out of time – why not consider a gift card this way? It’s a quick, safe and secure way to do it. There are loads of different places to choose from, from coffee shops, to sports shops, departments stores and just about everything in between! I’ve really enjoyed using mine! I like to buy a coffee on my way into work sometimes – but I hate paying £2.50 each time! I bought a Costa Coffee card for £25, and Zeek gave me a 7% discount. Using a £5 discount I got from referring someone, this brought it down to £18.80 – so instead of paying £2.50 per drink, it’s actually only costing me £1.88. Much better!

Let me know if you make some great savings over the January sales!

Anna x


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