Glass Screen Protectors! Amazing!

To be honest, having a screen protector on my new iPhone is very important to me, because, from previous experience, day to day use scratches and damages the screen very easily – especially, if like me, you carry your phone and keys in the same coat pocket! I was very intrigued about tempered glass screen protectors, as I have only been using plastic screen protectors for the past few years, and they bother me as I can never get rid of the air bubbles underneath completely, and they lift at the corners.

In all honesty, seeing the product I am reviewing on Amazon was the first time I had come across such a thing! I think so many people would benefit from this product, I just couldn’t help myself but draw up a quick blog about the Spartan Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector…

Initially, I was very impressed with the packaging. As you can see from my picture, it looks quite professional, and the packaging itself is protective of the rigid glass inside. It certainly filled me with confidence that the product would be of good quality. The protector comes with a handy cleaning cloth so you can ensure the cleanest surface to lay the protector on top of. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow. You literally clean the screen, peel off the back of the protector, and lay it on top. Because it is rigid, and because it doesn’t go all the way to the edges, you don’t have to worry about the air bubbles underneath – it sorts them out itself – and this is the highlight of the product for me. All too many times I’ve attempted sticking and peeling off the older style plastic screen protector because of those pesky air bubbles underneath!


I love the fact that if I were to have an accident with my phone, it will protect the screen from cracking, which in turn would save me a fortune in repair costs! I can remember when a toddler Henry dropped an old phone of mine on a concrete floor close to Christmas – it cracked at the bottom and all the way up the screen, and was very difficult to repair both because it was out of warranty and everywhere was closed over the holidays!

This new screen I’ve got won’t scratch either, so I’m free to pop my phone back in my pocket with my house keys every day! It really was incredibly easy to apply, quick to do, and I didn’t have any bubbles underneath either! The feel of the product under your finger is completely smooth – and the iPhone is just as responsive to my actions as it was without a screen on at all.

I was aware that the screen wouldn’t cover the phone completely, it was written in the details on Amazon – and to be honest, this is quite noticeable. I don’t think it will bother me, but because it is thicker than the previous plastic screen I had, I perhaps notice it all the more? Either way, it’s a clean line around the phone, so it still looks really smart and it won’t lift in the corners like my old ones did!

Overall, I’m very happy with the quality of the tempered glass screen protector, and with all of this in mind, I’m very happy to recommend it to you. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with it. Of course, they make these types screens for all makes and models of smartphones.

Anna x

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