Lego Birthday Party, part 2!

Part one can be found here

Henry’s 7th birthday party was a roaring success! He and his friends had a wonderful time… I just wanted to update you on a few more things since my last blog about it, so you can see how the all the planning panned out on the day.

The biggest success of the day was the Pinata. Henry loved it, and all his friends enjoyed hitting it with a foam-covered baseball bat in order to get out all the sweets I had loaded inside. A huge thanks go out to our friend Alison who put the Pinata together and decorated it for us. It was all born from a humble cardboard box! It took almost 20 minutes for the Pinata to fall to pieces since we allowed each child to take it in turns to have a bash at it.


Another game that was particularly successful was the pin the head on the Lego man game. There were no costs involved for me since all I had to do was print it out and laminate the individual heads – and even that is optional. The link is on my previous post if you wanted to print it out too… I chose to laminate the heads and write each child’s name on the back so that we could work out who was the winner easily, and I later attached these to each party bag so that I could be sure each child had gone home with theirs.


The food table looked great, I thought, and the labels on the bottles looked brilliant! I was very pleased with it, and some of the other parents who stayed for the party commented how nice they looked. I had bought some red plastic tablecloths and sellotaped them to the table. I used plain yellow plates, and combined with the drinks bottles and straws, it had a great effect! Henry was also given a large Lego head container as one of his birthday presents, which I borrowed for a few hours and filled with cornflake cakes I had made. It made a fab centrepiece to the table too! I made too many sandwiches, though. Out of the 25 children we were expecting, 6 didn’t show, so there was quite a bit that sadly went to waste. Because the party was over the February half-term holidays, I think it was easy for people to forget! A note to my future self will be to get in contact with parents via social media a day or two before to give a little reminder!


One game which had mixed results was the “Guess How Many” game where I had filled a jar with Lego pieces and drawn up table sheets for the children to put their guess next to their name. The person with the nearest guess won a Lego prize – which went down well – but I found that some of the guesses were wildly out… I had, perhaps wrongly, assumed that since most children at the party were 7 or older that they would be able to make a fairly suitable guess. I was wrong! Some of the guesses were in their thousands, and one even thought 10 million! My suggestion would be to reserve this for older children, or go the other way and make it far easier, with fewer blocks in the jar.


The kids loved the party bags – which were filled with a range of handmade items, a slice of the birthday cake, and a few small gift items. I worked it out that each party bag cost me a total of £1.74 by the time I had added everything. I thought that was pretty good, to be honest, but bear in mind that I bought the Lego figures second-hand and re-packaged the bargain sweets from their former Christmas-themed packaging!


So, there you have it! Overall, a successful Lego themed birthday party, which didn’t cost the earth! Henry had the best time, and whilst I could hear all the noise ringing in my ears for the next few hours – I took that as a sign that all the kids had a great time too!

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