Henry’s Lego Themed 7th Birthday Party

So – Henry LOVES Lego – and it’s his 7th birthday coming up. We decided the theme for his party should be Lego, but last year throwing his party inadvertently cost us a small fortune, so this year I was determined to make it a much cheaper affair. It’s amazing how much all the different elements can add up! I’ll share some of my findings with you, in case you are also throwing a Lego themed party!


We booked the church hall for his party – it’s big enough for a bouncy castle, space for the kids to run/jump/dance and still enough room to lay out a buffet along the wall. It’s fairly cheap to rent too – bonus!

I printed out invitations from the internet and used a sharpie to fill out the details. I also bought some yellow envelopes and used a template to draw a Lego image on the front of them. I thought it looked quite good, and since I printed them out myself, it was a much cheaper option than either buying pre-printed invites or paying someone to do them for me… The envelopes were about £2.85 for 30 from Amazon. Invites can be downloaded here.

I have a load of small glass milk bottles, for which I printed off some Lego labels I found on the internet and wrapped them round. Labels can be printed from here. I think they look great – and so I bought some colourful straws for them in red and yellow to finish it off. I’ll be pouring in either Orange squash or Blackcurrant squash so that will continue the colour theme too. The straws were £1.29 for a pack of 30, and so with the labels and the bottles of squash to mix up, it’ll be a much cheaper option than buying Fruit Shoots or similar, and the kids can have as much as they’d like! I’ve bought yellow napkins and plates too, so along with our red tablecloth, we’re continuing the colour scheme throughout!


All of the games I’m doing are cheap and cheerful too!  One is to guess the number of Lego pieces in the jar. I plan to print off a sheet with a list of all the children’s names on it, and each child has a guess. The one with the closest guess wins a Lego prize… This was a minimal cost as I already had the glass jar, I’m borrowing some of Henry’s Lego blocks for the day, and printing off a sheet of paper for the guesses isn’t a big deal. Obviously, offering a prize is optional!


Another game is to pin the Lego head on the body – in the same vein as pin the tail on the donkey. I printed this off the internet too, here and will laminate the heads in order for the kids to be blindfolded, spun around, and attempt to stick it in the right place! We are also going to do musical bumps, musical statues and a Lego themed pass the parcel.

For the party bags, I’ve done a few things – but one that’s turned out very well is the Lego wax crayons, using moulds which I bought from Amazon £2.99 each. I found a load of Henry’s old, broken wax crayons, broke them into little pieces and melted them. Once in the mould, they don’t take long to harden up again, and I’m pretty chuffed with the results! Literally, these only cost me the £5.98 I spent on the moulds. I melted the crayons directly into the mould and used a cocktail stick to stir them. Since I was recycling some wax crayons we already had, I’d say that these were great novelty gifts to add to the party bags! I’m also planning on making some chocolate Lego for the buffet table, using the same silicone moulds.

The party bags themselves were £3.80 for 30 from Amazon. I did the same design on the front as I did on the invitations, using my template to trace from. Of course, if you wanted to, you could also use the party bags as snack-packs and provide each child at the party with a sandwich, bag of crisps, juice, grapes etc. We are doing a buffet for the food on this occasion, but certainly individual portions may work out cheaper, if you’re on a tight budget, since waste would be minimal, and everyone gets the same.

Another thing I’ve done is to give each child a Lego mini-figure as a gift. I printed out a little square Lego design and asked Henry to sign his name on each one, popping it in a little bag with a Lego character in each one. I bought the mini-figures from one of our local buy and sell pages, so they worked out at about 50p each, but you could put anything you’d like in the bag… Lego blocks, the wax crayons or chocolates using the moulds, sweets etc.


So – I hope some of you will find these useful! I’ll add some more up to and after the event and let you all know how it went!

Anna x

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