February 11, 2016


Hi there.

I’m Anna Ingram. I am Mum to Henry and wife to Darren. I’m 37. I have often thought about starting a blog, so here it is – finally!

I love photography, entering competitions, writing reviews and generally trying to have a nice time with my family – and if I can save some money along the way, that’s good! Oddly, I quite enjoy cleaning from time to time, although mostly it’s a chore due to how often I need to do it. Ironing is my pet peeve. I am an honest person – perhaps too honest sometimes – but I like to talk about things as I find them, and I think people appreciate honesty. I certainly do. That’s why I like writing reviews, and I like to think that’s why people like reading them.

As a family, we get involved in lots of community things – for example, I’m on the PTA at my son’s school, and my hubby is the manager of the Under 8s football team. It keeps us busy, that’s for sure, but we enjoy it and it’s a great way of making friends and realising how much effort is needed to put on an event or raise some funds!

I often get asked to take pictures of my friend’s children, which I happily do because I just love children’s portraits. There is just something so captivating about a child’s ‘real’ smile. You won’t find any fake grins and gurns on my watch!

If you’re a ‘normal’ person too – maybe you have a family, commitments, too many things on your ‘to do’ list, like me – you may want to follow my blog. I hope you do!

I plan to write short posts about things that interest me, things that save me a bob or two, stuff I do with the family and places we visit… WARNING – I may post many pictures of my son! I love him immensely, and I take a lot of pictures!

Anna x

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About childofthe80s

I’m a Mum, first and foremost. Henry is now 8 years old. I can’t believe where the time has gone… I’ve learnt a lot along the way, and I hope some of the experiences I choose to write about may be useful to you. I write about things that are going on in my life – a lifestyle blog, if you like. I like money saving and helping people to save money here and there, I also do a lot of honest reviews, so I shall be posting some of those on here too. I love photography – Henry is my most favourite subject – but I do love taking pictures of anything really. Children’s portraits are what I think I’m best at. I enter a lot of competitions – I admit it! It’s a great hobby to have and has brought many an experience our way which we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do. A great example to give you was when I won a spa holiday to Kuala Lumpur – we flew business class and lived a life of luxury for 10 whole days. It was bliss and something we would have NEVER have been able to have treated ourselves to otherwise… and all because I sent my name and address on a postcard to the Times newspaper. I feel that I am fairly successful at comping because I put a lot of effort in – AND I have a positive attitude. I run a little business selling costume jewellery, and I also work 4 days a week in a digital library, so – what with all that – I’m a pretty busy person! I wouldn’t change any of it, mind… I hope you’ll find my posts interesting enough to stick around, follow me, share some of my pages etc. Anna x